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  • Is there a good projector in your living room ?

    Everyone in the decoration of their own house living room area, will certainly encounter the problem of buying electrical appliances. With the acceleration of the pace of life and the change of the lifestyle of the younger generation, the frequency of TV use is becoming less and less. Young peop...
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  • Analysis of the five major factors affecting the projector

    Projected screen size The size of the projection screen determines whether we choose projection methods such as rear projection and front projection. It also puts forward requirements on the projector: the brightness of the projector is required to meet the demand for picture quality. Only when t...
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  • 5G world is Coming! NABSHOW 2019

    5G world is Coming! NABSHOW 2019 2019, this year is an epoch-making year with the appearance of 5G network. How will the 5G network affect the communication, such as, the television(TV), mobile, radio, video, and so on? It has already got much more interests a...
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  • How SMEs choose commercial 3D projectors

    How SMEs choose commercial 3D projectors

    How SMEs choose commercial 3D projectors Explaining ppt at the conference, or to show your products to customers, or to train employees with work, etc., all need to use a projector. Therefore, in the business work of enterprises, especially in business presentations, the projector has become the ...
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