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Alincoo is committed to creating a projector and its peripheral products that integrate innovative technology and reliable quality. It continues the Everycom company’s founding purpose "Every family in the world has a screenless TV", aimed at those who desire the ultimate audiovisual enjoyment, provide cinema-level sensory enjoyment that can be enjoyed at home, inspiring real emotions.
Alincoo launches the first 100" magnetic rollable type short/long throw raio Fresnel ambient light rejecting screen Art-100. The Art series has powerful optic gain, contrast enhancement, color reproduction and ambient light rejecting ability, which can be matched with ordinary lamp, LED or laser projectors, brings them from the dark basement to the living room. Even when the doors, windows and ceiling lights are all open, they can still bring unbelievable visual effects.
It also includes Coo series projector bracket & stand products that have been developed for more than 2 years to solve the problems that have troubled users for many years. The vibration caused by the projector sound system makes image tremble, the projector falls caused by the unexpected strong collision, and the connection parts are easily damaged etc. Also our R&D team endow it a design that perfectly blends into the home decoration.
Please look forward to Alincoo new generation of products, projector and its friends.
  • Alincoo Alin-120 Specification- Black Grid Screen for UST Projector

    Alincoo Alin-120 Specification- Black Grid Screen for UST Projector

    Note Because the screen is large, please check the size of your room before you buy it. Once the screen is installed, it can not be disassembled and installed for the second time. Therefore, please confirm that it is installed before installation. We will not be responsible for the problems caused by the buyer’s improper operation. At the time of signing in, please confirm whether there is any damage. If there is any damage, please reject it in time and contact our online customer servi...